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I offer basic and computerized accounting courses adapted to your needs. These courses can be provided in person or in a virtual way according to a schedule that suits you (certain conditions apply).

The Comptabox system was created to help you take control of your accounting in a simple and efficient way.

By subscribing to the ComptaBox you will receive :

Success. Nothing less.

Results that meet your expectations

The filing system is consistent with your tax obligations and will make your bookkeeper's job much easier.

Practice, an asset!

The expertise of your NLP coach has confirmed that the ComptaBox system creates a habit oriented to the pleasure of feeling that everything is in its place and that you know why you do what you do. Your brain will recognize this as a fun task and you will finally be happy to come back when you have accumulated the operation bills.

Specific trainings

The trainings were created in easy to understand language. Popular and simple management. Quite simply.

Close support

A wide range of explanatory videos and answers to questions are available with ComptaBox directly on the Web. You will obtain a lot of information and explanations in this way and if you still have questions, we will be there to answer them and thus allow you to reach your goal.

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