Guylaine Lampron

Who is behind the Training

Guylaine Lampron is from the Témiscamingue region of Quebec. Daughter of entrepreneurs, she has accumulated since the age of 25 various experiences in entrepreneurship in various fields such as animation, catering, accounting and coaching in business. She holds a college diploma in accounting and a certification in NLP, but the greatest certification of her skills is undoubtedly her years of experience in operations within her own companies and those she has coached over the years.

Considering the enthusiasm marked in recent years to become self-employed and the shortage of manpower that we are currently experiencing. Guylaine was forced to see that she could not fill growing training needs! Comptabox then became indispensable!

In this video, Guylaine speaks
to you, dear entrepreneurs!

Online formation

With the ComptaBox, you open the door to an online knowledge bank, a V.I.P. access to the Facebook group for all your questions.


With the ComptaBox, you can easily organize your accounting by separating them in the right sectors. Thought for all audiences, the ComptaBox complies with the requirements of the Canada Revenue Agency.

Iconic owl

Here is a small list of the main values ​​associated with this bird: wisdom, mystery, transition, messenger, intelligence, mysticism, protection and secrets.

Native Americans associated the owl with wisdom and considered it the guardian of all classes of knowledge, especially those that could terrify us if they were revealed to us. This could be due to the fact that this bird is able to cope with very harsh climatic conditions. He can also see during the night and the legends of the native peoples of America made this aspect a very important characteristic of this bird.
In the same way, the cultures of East Africa and the Australian aboriginal cultures saw the owl as a messenger of secrets, always bathed in mysticism. During medieval times, in central Europe, owls were considered wizards and magi. Since then, it is thought that this bird is from the family of witches.

Owls are creatures of the night. It is important to know because the symbolism of nocturnal creatures has concrete philosophical meanings. By combining the symbolism and the meanings of this bird with the night, other meanings appear: the dreams, the shadows, the hereafter, the secret knowledge, the conscience … The message that this bird transmits to us is very important. Owls are pure energy and they communicate using the language of nature, trees, wind, moon, sky, etc. Studying the habitat of this bird is a very good way to understand his language a little better.

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